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Airline Employees

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At Orzoff Law Offices, we have been helping injured airline workers since 1966. Our firm was founded with a dedication to protecting the legal rights of injured workers and maximizing their financial recovery. Let our workers’ compensation attorneys experience work for you. Working for an airline can be risky. Baggage handlers, grounds crew, pilots and flight attendants face injury every day, such as:

  • Back injuries due to turbulence, such as herniated cervical and lumbar discs
  • Shoulder injuries and torn rotator cuffs due to overhead work activities
  • Lifting injuries suffered by baggage handlers, also including herniated cervical and lumbar discs
  • Shoulder injuries and knee injuries, including MCL, PCL and ACL, due to lifting and twisting

Typically, airlines and their workers’ compensation insurance representatives attempt to exercise tight control over their injured employees. They demand that the employee go to an airline doctor and they make demands upon their doctor to return the injured employee to work even though they may not be physically able to do so. Orzoff Law Offices has extensive experience in recognizing these injustices that the airlines inflict upon their employees. We will stand up for your legal rights and see to it that you receive the proper medical attention to which you are legally entitled. If you are represented by our firm, we will see to it that the airlines will not manipulate your claim to their advantage. Contact our Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys if you have been hurt on the job at an airline or airport. Your first consultation is free.