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Arm, Shoulder And Neck Injury Lawyers Ready To Fight For You

Arm, shoulder and neck injuries can result from many different kinds of work activities. From lifting and doing overhead work to pushing or pulling heavy equipment or parcels to trauma injuries and herniated disks, your work can be very hard on your arms, shoulders and neck. Injuries such as rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff impingement syndrome, and torn biceps can be expensive, painful, and possibly require you to change jobs.

If you have injured your arm, shoulder or neck on the job, our attorneys at Orzoff Law Offices can help you file for workers’ compensation benefits. You can recover compensation for medical treatments such as steroid injections, surgery, rehabilitation, permanent work restrictions and disability, and lost wages. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get the money you need without a workers’ compensation lawyer to fight for you.

If you need legal advice and practical assistance with your injury claim, call the workers’ compensation lawyers at the Orzoff Law Offices as early as possible. Our attorneys serve arm, shoulder and neck injury victims throughout the Chicago metro area, with convenient locations in Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois.

You Can Trust Us To Fight For You

Our workers’ compensation lawyers are experienced in helping arm, shoulder and neck injury victims obtain the benefits they deserve.

Here is an example:

  • Forty-two-year-old package delivery driver tore his rotator cuff while lifting a 100-pound package from the top of his truck. After two surgeries, he was permanently restricted from lifting overhead. He had been employed by the national package delivery company for twenty-one years. He was unable to return to his job due to his restrictions. He accepted a job as a security guard for a smaller wage. The case was arbitrated for the workers’ compensation commission and the wage differential award was entered with an anticipated payout in the amount of $985,000.00.

We never charge for an initial consultation. The sooner you talk to one of our worker injury lawyers, the better we can protect your rights to workers’ compensation benefits.

Filing An Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim For An Arm, Shoulder Or Neck Injury

Many times, employers will deny workers’ compensation claims for arm, shoulder and neck injuries, claiming the injury didn’t happen on the job, that it was a preexisting condition, or that the worker didn’t give notice of the injury.

Under Illinois state law, you have 45 days to notify your employer of your injury. If you had a preexisting arm, shoulder or neck injury, you can still receive workers’ compensation if the injury was aggravated by your work activities.

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If you suffered injuries on the job or due to an accident, you have a right to file for workers’ compensation benefits. You can trust our attorneys to help you obtain the benefits you need to recover. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call us at 847-780-2356 or complete our online contact form. We offer legal services in Spanish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.