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Chicago Public Transportation Accident Lawyers

Injuries on a subway platform, stairs, bus or an L car can be serious. Both the Chicago Transportation Authority (CTA) and the Metra have investigative units responsible for investigating accidents that occur on trains and buses. As a result, accident victims are at a disadvantage unless they retain legal representation to subpoena documents, interview eyewitnesses, and conduct investigations of their own. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a public transportation accident, it is vital that you work with an experienced attorney to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Our attorneys at Orzoff Law Offices consult safety experts, investigators and medical professionals when assembling evidence and information in public transportation accident cases. We review video footage, locate and interview witnesses, and look at the actions of CTA and Metra employees both before and after an accident. You can trust us to fight for you tirelessly.

Injuries Sustained On Public Transportation

The movement of buses, L cars, and subways can lead to serious injuries due to sudden stops, closing doors and slips and falls.

At Orzoff Law Offices, we represent people suffering from the following kinds of injuries sustained on public transportation:

  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Disfigurement
  • Torn ligaments
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Fatalities

Any of these injuries can lead to expensive and time-consuming medical treatments and may cause you to miss work. When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you can obtain compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other losses that you suffered due to the accident.

Hiring An Attorney Sooner Than Later

Public transportation entities have a number of safety regulations and procedures they are expected to follow. When accidents happen, investigators are more likely to underscore the things a CTA or Metra employee did that were right as opposed to mistakes or failures on their part. Additionally, investigations are conducted by the CTA and Metra themselves. Consequently, it stands to reason they are more likely to identify evidence that absolves them of any responsibility instead of highlighting negligence and errors they could be held liable for.

Hiring an attorney who can meticulously review the final report of an investigation into an accident, identify conflicting information and locate eyewitnesses who do not corroborate the “official” story is important in building your case. Our attorneys understand how to investigate CTA and Metra accidents, what experts to hire and how to present key information before a jury.

Contact Personal Injury Attorneys At The Orzoff Law Offices Today

Since there is a six-month window during which a lawsuit can be brought against the CTA or Metra, it’s important that injury victims retain legal counsel as soon as possible. If you’ve been injured on public transportation, contact personal injury attorneys at the Orzoff Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation. You can reach us by calling 847-780-2356 or by sending us an online message. We offer legal services in Spanish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.