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Client Success

A Sampling Of Results Obtained For Our Clients In Personal Injury Cases, Workers’ Compensation Cases And Appeals.

Personal Injury

$2.5 million settlement against hospital and obstetrician for a child who suffered retardation at birth due to negligence in the delivery room.

$1.6 million jury verdict against the bus company for a 26-year-old woman who had a cervical fusion as a result of a bus accident.

$850,000.00 settlement with the bus company for a 54-year-old woman who was struck by a bus while walking as a pedestrian in a terminal. Our client sustained a hip fracture, which later resulted in a hip replacement. The case was settled after a jury was picked and just as the trial was beginning.

$3 million structured settlement for a 33-year-old construction worker who suffered multiple fractures and permanent work limitations as a result of falling off of an inadequately constructed scaffold on a job site.

$750,000.00 settlement against a supermarket for a 36-year-old woman who fractured her hand and tore cartilage in her knee after slipping and falling in a pool of liquid detergent on the store floor. The store denied liability as they claimed that they did not have notice of the spill. Security video tapes demonstrated that the spill was on the floor for 25 minutes prior to the fall. The defendant attempted to dismiss the case on a motion contending lack of notice. The court held that the defendant did have constructive notice of the condition and, after that ruling, the case was settled.

Workers’ Compensation

A 42-year-old package delivery driver tore his rotator cuff while lifting a 100-pound package from the top of his truck. After two surgeries he was permanently restricted from overhead lifting. He had been employed by the national package delivery company for 21 years. He was unable to return to his job due to his restrictions. He accepted a job as a security guard for a smaller wage. The case was arbitrated for the workers’ compensation commission and the wage differential award was entered with an anticipated payout in the amount of $985,000.00.

A 56-year-old school custodian suffered a head injury, which resulted in permanent dizziness. The case was arbitrated and the workers’ compensation commission found that he was permanently and totally disabled. An award was entered with the projected payment of $787,000.00.

A 37-year-old registered nurse suffered two herniated lumbar disks while attempting to lift a 300-pound patient. Eventually, her employer allowed her to return to nursing with permanent lifting restrictions. The case was settled for $250,000.00.

A gas company employee suffered a herniated lumbar disk while digging. He had two surgeries, which resulted in permanent restrictions and the inability to do his former job. The case was arbitrated and the workers’ compensation commission ordered the gas company to provide and pay for vocational rehabilitation. He eventually secured a lesser-paying job. The case was settled for the projected payment of $875,000.00.


44-year-old carpenter stepped in a hole in the floor of a warehouse while doing a remodeling job. A lawsuit was filed against the tenant and the summary judgment was entered in favor of the defendant based upon no legal liability. An Appeal was taken to the Illinois Appellate Court and the case was reversed. Shortly afterward, the case was successfully settled.

A 17-year-old teen drowned in an unguarded swimming pool at a Wisconsin resort. The case was filed in the Federal District Court of Illinois, but the defendant filed a motion to transfer the case to Wisconsin. The Court ruled that the case belonged in the State of Illinois and shortly thereafter, the case was successfully settled.

A 25-year-old bicycle messenger sustained a fractured wrist when struck by an automobile while riding her bicycle on the way to work. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier denied benefits on the theory that it was not a compensable accident as the risk to the messenger was no greater than the risk to any other member of the general public. Evidence was presented that many bicycles had been stolen from the storage facility at the job site and that the messenger chose to take her bike home every night rather than run the risk of theft. The workers’ compensation commission ruled against the messenger, however, on appeal, the Circuit Court ruled in her favor. Shortly afterward, a successful settlement was made, which included the payment of all previous benefits that had not been paid.