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What if a driver who causes a wreck doesn’t have insurance?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accident

Allocating fault can be a contentious process after a car crash. Drivers frequently do not want to admit that they were to blame for an incident, as doing so typically means that they have financial responsibility for the consequences of the collision.

The driver at fault has to provide insurance coverage for the other people involved in a wreck. Their coverage can help pay to repair a damaged vehicle, replace someone’s lost wages and cover their medical bills. People usually assume that insurance can reduce the financial impact of a recent crash, but not every driver carries the coverage that Illinois state law requires.

What options does someone have after a crash caused by someone without proper liability coverage?

Uninsured drivers are everywhere in Illinois

It can be difficult to determine exactly how many people do not have appropriate insurance coverage. It can take as little as one missed monthly payment for someone’s policy to lapse, leaving them without insurance should a collision occur.

Some people don’t even know that their coverage isn’t active. Many others may cancel their coverage intentionally as a way of saving a bit of money every month. Quite a few drivers in Illinois do not consistently maintain the insurance coverage that the law requires. Illinois has a relatively high rate of uninsured drivers. Estimates based on claims filed in 2022 indicate that 16.3% of drivers don’t have proper coverage.

There are generally two options available to those involved in crashes caused by an irresponsible motorist without insurance. The first involves using personal insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist protection and other forms of supplemental coverage can help pay for the costs generated in a crash even though the driver who carries the policy is not the party to blame for the wreck. Of course, using that coverage may result in higher insurance premiums for someone who didn’t cause the crash.

Many people affected by crashes caused by uninsured drivers take their cases to the civil courts. Judges can award compensation for losses that insurance should have covered, including vehicle repair expenses and costs related to any injuries generated by the crash.

Demanding that the party who caused a crash also cover the expenses inspired by it is a reasonable reaction to a collision caused by an uninsured Illinois motorist. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is often a reasonable and potentially effective solution for individuals negatively affected by a recent car crash.