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3 things to know about brain injuries after car crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accident

Many injuries can occur as a result of a motor vehicle crash. One of the possibilities is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries often require considerable medical attention and can have long-lasting effects on a crash victim.

As such, anyone who’s been involved in a crash should understand a few points about TBIs. This may help them to spot any signs that they need to see a doctor right away.

Symptoms can be delayed

The symptoms of a TBI may not show up right away when the injury occurs. Instead, it can take days or weeks for these symptoms to appear. Because of this, a person who’s involved in a crash should be sure to see a doctor if they have any symptoms that are associated with this type of injury.

TBIs present in a variety of ways

One of the most common symptoms of a TBI is a headache. This will likely involve persistent pain that doesn’t abate with medication or rest. It may get worse as time goes on after the injury.

Other signs of a TBI include vision or hearing changes. Some people may experience difficulty concentrating, remembering things or communicating effectively. Sensitivity to lights and noise are possible, as are mood swings and nausea. Sleep changes, either being unable to sleep or sleeping more than usual, sometimes occur.

Long-term effects are possible

Some TBIs lead to permanent brain damage, which means the individual may be unable to return to work. The injury can also impact other areas of their life, such as their ability to live in the same manner as they did before the injury.

The costs of a TBI are considerable, especially if you consider that a victim has to deal with an increase in expenses at a time when they may be unable to earn a living. They may opt to pursue a compensation claim that helps to shift the expenses of the injury to the party whose negligence caused the injurious crash at issue. Working with a legal representative can assist a victim to handle this process while they focus on healing from the crash.