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Owner liability in personal injury accidents

| May 18, 2014 | Personal Injury

Illinois premises liability law states that those who suffer because a home or business owner failed to maintain the conditions of their property may be able to collect money for medical bills, lost wages and possibly pain and suffering.

One case, in which the premises liability law was cited, centered on a party that was held at a fraternity house in 2008. An 18-year-old who was attending the party filed a lawsuit after he fell from a second-floor bathroom window and was paralyzed. The owner and landlord of the property reached a settlement with the injured victim as a result of the legal action.

Homeowners and business owners can be held responsible for injuries that happen on their property. By taking proper steps to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of businesses, homes, and yards, property owners can reduce the risk of an accident occurring as well as becoming the subject of a negligence claim.

Owner responsibilities

Commercial and business owners seeking to prevent personal injuries on their property should take steps to ensure that safety is their number one concern. Some ways to do this include the following:

  • Good repair – Keeping one’s home or business in good repair is critical toward helping to prevent accidents on one’s property. Any items that could potentially cause someone to be injured, from a loose board on stairs to a large crack in a sidewalk should be seen as dangerous and should be repaired quickly.
  • Adequate lighting – Ensuring that those who visit the property at night have adequate lighting is also an important part of being a responsible home or business owner. This prevents guests from stumbling over items in the dark which could lead to personal injury.
  • Fire Prevention – Property owners should also make sure in a bi-yearly check that fire alarms and sprinklers are working and up to code. Should fire prevention systems not work when there is an actual emergency, liability would become a serious issue.
  • Security – One important responsibility for owners of business is making sure that their location has adequate security to ensure customer safety. This is necessary both inside and outside of the store.

Owning a home or a business comes with much responsibility. By looking closely at the reasons accidents might happen around the property, owners may be able to prevent many of them from happening at all. When owners take responsibility, everyone gains added safety.