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Tradesmen, Construction Workers And Heavy Equipment Operators

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Helping Tradesmen, Construction Workers, And Heavy Equipment Operators Northbrook and Downtown Chicago

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Orzoff Law Offices is a well-established law firm providing highly skilled and personalized legal services to injured people. Our firm’s innovative strategies, meticulous preparation, and passionate commitment, have achieved justice and successful settlements for thousands of injured people who have been in need of legal services. Shrewd bargainers at the negotiating table, we are also strong fighters in the courtroom, and, if necessary, we are always prepared to go to trial to protect the best interests of our clients. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney for a free consultation and discussion of your options if you have been hurt on the job.

Tradespeople, construction workers, and heavy equipment operators are exposed to health and safety risks from an enormous number of their daily work activities. Many people feel that this is just the risk you take when you are a construction worker or in the trades, but injuries can be expensive and can potentially put you out of work. Workers’ compensation is a system that allows you to be compensated when you face catastrophic medical bills, rehabilitation, long-term care and lost wages.

We have represented thousands of tradesmen, construction workers and heavy equipment operators whose injuries have included:

  • Back injuries such as herniated lumbar and cervical discs
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Shoulder injuries such as torn rotator cuffs
  • Knee injuries including torn menisci, ACL, MCL and PCL
  • Eye injuries and hearing loss
  • Hip injuries, including those needing replacement

Third-Party Responsibility

Many construction workers do not realize that they may have a claim against a third party who was responsible for the accident. For example, if your injury was caused by the negligent act of another subcontractor, you may have a third-party personal injury claim against that subcontractor and the general contractor. Orzoff Law Offices has vast experience in handling third-party negligence claims in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

Contact our Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys for a free consultation and discussion of your options if you have been hurt on the job. Our workers’ compensation lawyers talk frankly with you, return your phone calls right away, and offer Spanish and Polish language legal services.

We also help people with other types of personal injuries, including those injured from auto accidents, and the families of victims of wrongful death.

For more information about work injuries, please see our Workers’ Compensation Overview and Frequently Asked Questions pages.